Hi Master,

I thought it would be fun to share the art process with you.

These pictures are from my new book ‘Isecas The Dream Cat and The Tides of Change’



First the artist (Dixie Albanez) starts by creating some character sketches.

This is Hank and his parents.

Do you remember Hank?  If not, re-read Isecas The Dream Cat and The New School (he’s in there!)





Next she lays out the pages in rough sketches.

This goes to the author/publisher (Preston Squire) for approval.



CleanSketch13Once those are approved, she creates a clean sketch .

You can see a lot of details where changed from the original rough.

This once again goes to the author for approval.





Once the clean sketch is approved it is cleaned up further (this is a different page to show this step)

Now it is ready to colour.



Near FinishedPg14



Then colour is applied.





Finally shading is added and voila! You have a finished page!

Shading adds a lot to the picture, making it seem more three dimensional and alive.



Isecas and The Tides of Change Cover SM

As you can see, ‘Tides of Change’ is nearing completion!

Expect to see it by the end of April!



Your servant,

Isecas in mummy form

Isecas, The Dream Cat

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