Isecas and The Tides of Change Cover SM

Back by popular demand, Isecas returns for a second book!

Hank adores his mom. And he loves his dad. When they are all together it’s just … misery. All they do is disagree, on everything. When Hank wishes they would stop arguing it brings the mysterious Isecas The Dream Cat to life. Can the mystical Dream Cat finally put an end to their fighting? And what does the River Nile have to do with his parent’s decision? Back by popular demand, Isecas The Dream Cat returns for a second enchanting tale. A powerful story that teaches children that while change must sometimes happen, and isn’t always pleasant, there’s always some good that can come from it. A must read for any child going through a challenging period in their life. Isecas The Dream Cat and The Tides of Change by Preston Squire and Dixie Albanez NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon and other online retailers.

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