This Weekend until Aug 4th you can download the critically acclaimed children’s book ‘Isecas the Dream Cat and the New School FREE of charge.

“Since the book focuses on a young girl adjusting to life in a new school, I felt this weekend would be a terrific time to introduce Isecas to people as it contains a great school about adjusting to new environments whether it’s a new class, new kids, all new school or even a new country,”  commented author Preston Squire

The reception has been phenomenal, rocketing Isecas and the New School up to #1 in Children’s books – Cats and Children’s Book’s – Social Issues, and #624 overall on Amazon (free books).  It will only continue to gain momentum as the weekend goes on and more people discover this terrific gem.

The sequel, Isecas the Dream Cat and the Tides of Change, which focuses on a young boy adjusting to a family break-up is also 50% off for the weekend.

“I’m particularly happy with the second book,” Preston said, “as it deals with a very real challenge too many children have to face, head-on, but it’s not just for kids going through that situation, that situation (family break-up) enables a very touching story about how to deal with any change that seems horrible at first and we feel powerless to stop.  We all have those times, and my hope with this book is to better equip children to deal with them when they happen.”

A number of sites have picked up on the offer including:

ebookSoda (Aug 3rd)

FreeKindleBooks&Tips (Aug 2nd)

BookSends (Aug 1st)

Ignite Your Book (Jul 31st)


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