Isecas has been around for countless centuries – since the days of Egyptian Pharaohs and before the pyramids were built!

Having lived so long, and advised so many, there are countless stories about Isecas.  They say the first Isecas stories were carved into the walls of the pyramids.

Nowadays, you can read stories about Isecas from your your phone, your tablet, e-reader or from a book.

Isecas Books:

Isecas The Dream Cat and The New School

Isecas_Cover (1)sm

Feeling out of place, bullied and alone, Sahar doesn’t want to go to school anymore. When she’s given an ancient Dream Cat, it shows her she’s capable of more than she’d ever dreamed possible.

Isecas The Dream Cat is a heart-warming tale about a young girl’s struggle to adjust to life in a new school, in a new country. She’s guided through a process of self-discovery, learning confidence and self-reliance by the mysterious and mystical Dream Cat known only as Isecas.


Isecas The Dream Cat and The Tides of Change

Isecas and The Tides of Change Cover SM

Hank adores his mom. And he loves his dad. When they are all together it’s just … misery.  All his parents ever do is disagree, on everything. When Hank wishes they would stop arguing it brings the mysterious Isecas The Dream Cat to life.  Can the mystical Dream Cat finally put an end to their fighting?  And what does the River Nile have to do with his parent’s decision?   A powerful story that teaches children that while change must sometimes happen, and isn’t always pleasant, there’s always some good that can come from it.

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